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The IMX / IMY series of board-mountable DC-DC converters from Bel Power Solutions are available in 4 W to 90 W models. Covering a total input voltage range from 8.4 V up to 150 V, the converters are available with up to four electrically isolated outputs from 3.3 V to 60 V, externally adjustable and with flexible load distribution. These converters are particularly suitable for use in mobile or stationary applications in transport, railways, industry, or telecommunication, where variable input voltages or high transient voltages are prevalent. To learn more, visit this product page on

6/20/2017 8:39:58 PM

Part List

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusAvailable Quantity
110IMX7-05-05-8GDC DC CONVERTER 2X5V 7WActive0View Details
110IMX7-12-12-8GDC DC CONVERTER 2X12V 7.2WActive0View Details
110IMY15-03-8RG-GDC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 15WBulk0View Details
110IMY15-05-8RGDC/DC CONVERTER 5.1V 15WBulk0View Details
110IMY15-05-05-8GDC/DC CONVERTER 2X5V 15WBulk0View Details
110IMX35D05D12-8GDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 2X12V 35WBulk0View Details
110IMX35D05D15-8GDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 2X15V 35WBulk0View Details
110IMX35D05D05-8DC/DC CONVERTER 3X5V 35WBulk0View Details
110IMX35D05D12-8DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 2X12V 35WBulk0View Details
110IMX7-05-05-8DC/DC CONVERTER 2X5V 7WBulk0View Details
110IMX35D15D15-8DC/DC CONVERTER 3X15V 35WBulk0View Details
110IMX35D12D12-8DC/DC CONVERTER 3X12V 35WBulk0View Details
110IMX7-12-12-8DC/DC CONVERTER 2X12V 7WBulk0View Details
110IMX7-05-8DC/DC CONVERTER 5.1V 7WBulk0View Details
110IMX7-24-24-8DC/DC CONVERTER 2X24V 7WBulk0View Details
110IMX7-15-15-8DC/DC CONVERTER 2X15V 7WBulk0View Details
110IMY15-05-8RDC/DC CONVERTER 5.1V 15WBulk0View Details
110IMY15-05-05-8DC/DC CONVERTER 2X5V 15WBulk0View Details
110IMX35D05D15-8DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 2X15V 35WBulk0View Details
110IMY15-05-8RGZ-GDC/DC CONVERTER 5.1V 15WBulk0View Details