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Railway and Harsh Environment Products

Bel Power Solutions
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This presentation introduces the Bel Power Solutions MELCHER Railway and Harsh Environment Product Portfolio. The MELCHER brand of harsh environment power supplies have been synonymous with quality and reliability in railway and harsh environment applications for over 40 years. MELCHER products are utilized especially in mission critical applications, where failure is not an option.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
LOK4140-2RLDG datasheet linkDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 50W 12VLOK4140-2RLDGDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 50W 12V88 - Immediate
LOK4140-2RLDG product page link
LWR1240-6EM1G datasheet linkDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 125W 24VLWR1240-6EM1GDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 125W 24V25 - Immediate
LWR1240-6EM1G product page link
LWN1740-6EM1G datasheet linkDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 250W 48VLWN1740-6EM1GDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 250W 48V20 - Immediate
LWN1740-6EM1G product page link
LOK4240-2RLDG datasheet linkDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 50W 24VLOK4240-2RLDGDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 50W 24V21 - Immediate
LOK4240-2RLDG product page link
LWN1240-6EM1G datasheet linkDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 250W 24VLWN1240-6EM1GDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 250W 24V10 - Immediate
LWN1240-6EM1G product page link
LXN1240-6M1G datasheet linkDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 500W 24VLXN1240-6M1GDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 500W 24V14 - Immediate
LXN1240-6M1G product page link
LOK4740-2RLDG datasheet linkDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 50W 48VLOK4740-2RLDGDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 50W 48V0LOK4740-2RLDG product page link
LOK4601-2RC1 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER DIN RAILLOK4601-2RC1AC/DC CONVERTER DIN RAIL0LOK4601-2RC1 product page link
LOK4601-2RC3 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER DIN RAILLOK4601-2RC3AC/DC CONVERTER DIN RAIL0LOK4601-2RC3 product page link
LWN1140-6EM1G datasheet linkDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 250W 12VLWN1140-6EM1GDIN RAIL FLOAT CHARGER 250W 12V0LWN1140-6EM1G product page link
LWN2880-6ER datasheet linkPOWER SUPPLY 2X 48V DIN RAILLWN2880-6ERPOWER SUPPLY 2X 48V DIN RAIL0LWN2880-6ER product page link
LWN1601-6EC1 datasheet linkDIN RAIL 247W 24.7VLWN1601-6EC1DIN RAIL 247W 24.7V0LWN1601-6EC1 product page link
LWN1740-6EM1 datasheet linkDIN RAIL 230W 51.36V BATT CHARGRLWN1740-6EM1DIN RAIL 230W 51.36V BATT CHARGR0LWN1740-6EM1 product page link
LWR1240-6EM1 datasheet linkDIN RAIL 115W 25.68V BATT CHARGRLWR1240-6EM1DIN RAIL 115W 25.68V BATT CHARGR0LWR1240-6EM1 product page link
LWR1740-6EM1 datasheet linkDIN RAIL 115W 51.36V BATT CHARGRLWR1740-6EM1DIN RAIL 115W 51.36V BATT CHARGR0LWR1740-6EM1 product page link
LWN1601-6EK2 datasheet linkPOWER SUPPLY 250W 24V DIN RAILLWN1601-6EK2POWER SUPPLY 250W 24V DIN RAIL0LWN1601-6EK2 product page link
LWN1801-6EM1 datasheet linkPOWER SUPPLY 250W 48V DIN RAILLWN1801-6EM1POWER SUPPLY 250W 48V DIN RAIL0LWN1801-6EM1 product page link
LWN2660-6ER datasheet linkPOWER SUPPLY 2X 24V DIN RAILLWN2660-6ERPOWER SUPPLY 2X 24V DIN RAIL0LWN2660-6ER product page link
LWR1601-6EM1 datasheet linkPOWER SUPPLY 125W 24V DIN RAILLWR1601-6EM1POWER SUPPLY 125W 24V DIN RAIL0LWR1601-6EM1 product page link
LWR1601-6ER datasheet linkPOWER SUPPLY 125W 24V DIN RAILLWR1601-6ERPOWER SUPPLY 125W 24V DIN RAIL0LWR1601-6ER product page link
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PTM Published on: 2017-07-27