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Image of Harwin's Gecko-MT
Gecko-MT Mixed Layout Connector

Harwin's Gecko-MT mixed layout connectoris offers high reliability signal and power connections on a 1.25 mm pitch.

Image of Cypress' Semper™ NOR Flash Memory
Semper™ NOR Flash

Cypress' Semper™ NOR Flash memory devices exceed automotive quality and functional safety requirements and are engineered to last.

Image of Adam Tech's Fuseholders

Adam Tech fuseholders contain molded grooves on the exterior intended to allow multiple fuseholders to be stacked together with external wires mounted on clips.

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS62840 Step-Down Converter
TPS62840 60 nA IQ, 1.8 V to 6.5 V Step-Down Converter

Texas Instruments' TPS62840 60 nA IQ, 1.8 V to 6.5 V step-down converters are ideal for applications such as smart meters and smart thermostats.

Image of CML Microcircuits' CMX7158 Full Duplex Audio Scrambler
CMX7158 Full-Duplex Audio Scrambler

CML Microcircuits' CMX7158 features a programmable inversion frequency split point and has fully independent transmit and receive voice channels.

Image of Broadcom's 5 mm Infra-Red Through-Hole LED Lamps
5 mm Infrared (IR) Through-Hole LED Lamps

Broadcom's HR5P-Nxxx-00000 series of 5 mm round infrared (IR) LEDs are offered in industrial standard 5 mm through-hole lamps.

Image of Epson's SG3225xEN Crystal Oscillator
SG3225xEN Crystal Oscillator

Epson’s E-series SPXOs provide ultra-low jitter and tight stability in a small package and are suitable for networking applications with very high data rates.

Image of MPD's BK-877 Battery Retainer
BK-877 Ultra-Lightweight Battery Retainer for Use with CR2450

MPD's BK-877 lithium coin-cell battery retainers feature large SMD leads providing exceptional reflow and are ideal for applications such as RFID.

Image of Analog Devices' LTC3376 4-Channel Buck DC/DC Voltage Regulator
LTC3376 20 V, 4-Channel Buck DC/DC Voltage Regulator

Analog Devices' LTC3376 20 V, 4-channel, buck DC/DC voltage regulators are ideal for applications such as 12 V distributed power supplies.

Image of Omron's 2JCIE Sensor Evaluation Board
2JCIE Sensor Evaluation Board

Omron’s 2JCIE evaluation board comes with six built-in sensing functions, including temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure, noise, and acceleration.

Image of Qoitech's Otii Battery Toolbox
Otii Battery Toolbox

Qoitech's Otii battery toolbox allows a user to choose the best battery for their design based on the application, usage, and battery life requirements.

Wurth GaN Magnetics against a Green Circuit Background
GaN Magnetics

Würth provides expertise along with leading IC manufacturers in the GaN magnetic field with a variety of recommendations for your DC-DC & AC-DC applications.

Image of LEMO's 0B Series Indoor Push/Pull Multipole Connectors
0B Series Indoor Push/Pull Multipole Connectors

LEMO’s 0B series push/pull self-latching connector system provides absolute security against vibration, shock or pull on the cable.

Image of Analog Devices' LT8210 4-Switch Buck-Boost DC/DC Controller with Pass-Through
LT8210 Buck-Boost DC/DC Controllers with Pass-Through

ADI's LT8210 1000 V DC/DC controller with pass-through passes VIN directly to VOUT without switching noise or losses within the user-set pass-through window.

Image of Crystek's CMOD225-10-100 PLL Module
CMOD225-10-100 PLL Module

Crystek's CMOD225-10-100 is a PLL module that phase locks an internal ultra-low phase noise 100 MHz VCXO to an external 10 MHz input frequency reference.