Introduction to Wireless Gecko

Silicon Labs

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce a platform for IoT solutions needing Mesh, Bluetooth or Proprietary wireless protocols. It will review challenges in wireless development, explore the Wireless Gecko platform and explain the evaluation support tools Silicon Labs provides.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeFrequencyAvailable QuantityView Details
EFR32FG 2400/434 MHZ 10 DBM DUALSLWRB4251BEFR32FG 2400/434 MHZ 10 DBM DUALActiveTransceiver434MHz, 2.4GHz35 - Immediate
SLWRB4251B product page link
SLWSTK6061A datasheet linkDEV KIT EFR32FG 868MHZ 2.4GHZSLWSTK6061ADEV KIT EFR32FG 868MHZ 2.4GHZObsoleteTransceiver868MHz, 2.4GHz17 - Immediate
SLWSTK6061A product page link
SLWSTK6063A datasheet linkDEV KIT EFR32FG 434MHZ 2.4GHZSLWSTK6063ADEV KIT EFR32FG 434MHZ 2.4GHZObsoleteTransceiver434MHz, 2.4GHz11 - Immediate
SLWSTK6063A product page link
SLWSTK6065A datasheet linkDEV KIT EFR32FG 169MHZ 2.4GHZSLWSTK6065ADEV KIT EFR32FG 169MHZ 2.4GHZObsoleteTransceiver169MHz, 2.4GHz6 - Immediate
SLWSTK6065A product page link
SLWSTK6101B datasheet linkDEV KIT BLE BGM111 BGM113 2.4GHZSLWSTK6101BDEV KIT BLE BGM111 BGM113 2.4GHZDiscontinued at Digi-KeyTransceiver; Bluetooth® Smart 4.x Low Energy (BLE)2.4GHz1 - Immediate
SLWSTK6101B product page link
DEV KIT EFR32FG 915MHZ 2.4GHZSLWSTK6060ADEV KIT EFR32FG 915MHZ 2.4GHZObsoleteTransceiver915MHz, 2.4GHz1 - Immediate
SLWSTK6060A product page link
SLWSTK6020A datasheet linkDEV KIT BLE EFR32BG 2.4GHZSLWSTK6020ADEV KIT BLE EFR32BG 2.4GHZObsoleteTransceiver; Bluetooth® Smart 4.x Low Energy (BLE)2.4GHz0SLWSTK6020A product page link
SLWSTK6000A datasheet linkDEV KIT WIRELESS EFR32MG 2.4GHZSLWSTK6000ADEV KIT WIRELESS EFR32MG 2.4GHZDiscontinued at Digi-KeyTransceiver; Bluetooth® Smart 4.x Low Energy (BLE)2.4GHz0SLWSTK6000A product page link
DEV KIT WIRELESS EFR32FG 2.4GHZSLWSTK6066ADEV KIT WIRELESS EFR32FG 2.4GHZObsoleteTransceiver2.4GHz0SLWSTK6066A product page link
SLWSTK6062A datasheet linkDEV KIT EFR32FG 490MHZ 2.4GHZSLWSTK6062ADEV KIT EFR32FG 490MHZ 2.4GHZObsoleteTransceiver490MHz, 2.4GHz0SLWSTK6062A product page link
PTM Published on: 2016-09-29
PTM Updated on: 2017-06-16