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Innovation from Texas Instruments allows you to design smarter and more robust industrial, automotive, communications, personal electronics and enterprise solutions.

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Clock and Timing Solutions

Texas Instruments is an industry leader in high performance clock and timing products.

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Power Management Icon

Your Ultimate Power Source

Browse TI’s industry-leading power management portfolio to find the right port to power your design.

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Wireless Microcontrollers Icon

Wireless Microcontrollers

TI offers a variety of low power and high performance MCUs with wired and wireless connectivity options.

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Data Converters Icon

Data Converters

Large portfolio of ADCs and DACs from precision to high speed.

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Amplifiers and Linear Solutions Icon

Amplifiers ICs

Amplifiers for nearly any system need: from ultra-high performance to cost-optimized and everything in between.

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DLP Products and MEMS Icon

DLP Products and MEMS

TI's DLP technology enables a diverse range of display and advanced light control applications.

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Interface Solutions Icon

Interface Solutions

Interface IC solutions from analog and digital CAN chips, USB 3.0, and serial, digital and circuit interface.

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Standard Logic Solutions Icon

Logic Solutions

Wide portfolio of logic devices for application flexibility and design longevity.

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Why and How to Sinusoidally Control Three-Phase Brushless DC Motors

Learn how integrated motor drivers and controllers can accelerate the design process and lower costs.

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Daylight-Sensitive Efficient Lighting

Examining the use of wireless MCUs and sensors to create efficient lighting solutions.

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Developing Efficient LED Lighting Control Systems

LED lighting control techniques expand as the market continues to grow including dimmable LEDs and networked lighting.

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How to Dim an LED Without Compromising Light Quality

A guide on how to dim LEDs without decreasing the quality of light as well as the advantages and disadvantages of LED dimming and LED design considerations.

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DRV3000 SafeTI Motor Drivers

This presentation will provide an overview of TI’s DRV3000 motor driver product family as well as an example of an EPS application and possible mitigation for failures.

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Lighting- LED Lighting Driver Solutions

Designing LED lighting solutions with TI's products is easy and fast with a wide selection of products and design tools such as WEBENCH.

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Brushless DC Motor Driver

Introducing the DRV10983 Brushless Motor Driver with Integrated Control Logic, Gate Drivers, and FETs.

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Motion Control Technology

Overview of the advanced control features available in InstaSPIN-Motion that can be used in drivers, controllers or microcontrollers.

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DRV8704 Dual-Brushed DC Gate Driver

Texas Instruments offers its DRV8704, 52 V, dual H-bridge, PWM gate driver for applications including textile, automatic teller, money handling, and office automation machines.

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DRV8860 Octal Low-Side Drivers

Texas Instruments offers its DRV8860 8 V to 38 V, 8-channel, serial interface, low-side drivers with over-current protection and open/shorted load detection.

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DRV2625 Advanced ERM/LRA Haptic Drivers

Texas Instruments’ DRV2625 device has an automatic go-to-standby state and a battery preservation function to reduce power consumption without user intervention.

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TPS92411 Floating Switch

Learn about the TPS92411 Floating Switch from TI. A 100 V floating MOSFET switch can create a size and cost saving LED drive solution with little ripple current.

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TI and MathWorks help you launch your next motor control design - in cooperation with Digi-Key

In this webinar, learn how you can quickly design a new motor control system using Embedded Coder® from MathWorks and the C2000™ family of microcontrollers from Texas Instruments.

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