TE Connectivity Hand Tools

Suitable for R&D, prototyping, field work or low-volume production, a wide variety of TE Connectivity hand tools combine ease of use with reliability and precision. Available in efficient battery and hydraulic power, and in a variety of heads and dies.

Premium CERTI-CRIMP Hand Tools

TE Premium Hand Tools

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  • Designed to exacting specifications
  • Ratchet control provides complete crimping cycle
  • For most military, UL and CSA applications
  • Manufactured using the highest quality materials
  • Requires minimum skill
  • Repairable
  • Calibrated; recalibration recommended every 6 months or 5,000 cycles


  • Many SAHT and DAHT crimping heads, and many die sets, can be adapted for use with the 626 Pneumatic Tool System

Commercial PRO-CRIMPER Hand Tools


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  • User-adjustable ratchet control for a complete crimping cycle
  • Emergency ratchet release
  • Angled head, providing a comfortable hand and wrist position
  • Over 100 interchangeable SDE die sets for crimping a broad range of connectors
  • Able to handle multiple wire and terminal sizes in one die set
  • Enhanced ergonomics, with a thin, comfortable handle profile

Insertion/Extraction Tools

TE Insertion/Extraction Tools

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Ease of Use

  • Perfect for inserting/removing discrete terminals into connector housings
  • Comfortable handle
  • Snap-in/out protective cover
  • Use for vast terminal product range
  • Available as individual tools or in tool kits

Power Assist Tools

TE Power Assist Tools

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Versatility and Reliability

  • Effortless crimping for a broad range of terminals
  • Bench-mounted or hand held options available
  • Available in battery, hydraulic or pneumatic power options
  • Power assist helps ensure that the crimp cycle is completed consistently
  • All battery tools are supplied with a battery charger and in a durable plastic case