Magnetic Sensors and
Reed Switches


Littelfuse is the worldwide leader in circuit protection, power control and sensing technologies. Our history of innovation, proven technical expertise and the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products enable us to provide objective, comprehensive solutions for each customer’s unique needs. Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every market that uses electrical energy. We offer the broadest and deepest portfolio of over-voltage and over-current circuit protection products for the electronics industry. From popular consumer electronic devices like LCD TVs, tablets, smart phones and digital cameras, to LED lighting, home appliances, telecom infrastructure equipment and critical life saving medical equipment, Littelfuse has the right product and the right expertise for virtually any application.

Why Choose Littelfuse Sensors

Hamlin, now part of Littelfuse, Inc., has a long, rich history of leading the industry in providing magnetic sensing solutions. Our experts are committed to delivering the best products and solutions for your specific needs.

Our global organization provides:

  • Custom sensor designs per customer specifications
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing
  • In-house magnetic simulation support
  • Quick turnaround for custom sensor prototypes

Reed Sensors

Reed Sensor ImageWith a broad range of reed sensor offerings, Littelfuse has the solutions for your proximity, level, speed, and flow sensing needs. Our reed sensors employ the latest in reed switch technology, packaged in a variety of capsules suitable for mounting in a wide array of applications. Options for customization are available.

Magnetic, Reed Sensors
Part Number Description Datasheet  
59025-010 SENSOR MAGNETIC SPST/NO 10W 200V 59025-010 Datasheet Link 59025-010 Product Page
59065-030 SENSOR MAG SPDT-CO 5/16 THD 175V 59065-030 Datasheet Link 59065-030 Product Page
59060-1-T-05-A SENSOR PROX SPST-NO CHS MNT 59060-1-T-05-A Datasheet Link 59060-1-T-05-A Product Page
59010-1-T-02-F SENSOR MAG SPST 10-15AT 175V 59010-1-T-02-F Datasheet Link 59010-1-T-02-F Product Page
59065-1-V-01-A SWITCH MAGNETIC THR BARREL 200V 59065-1-V-01-A Datasheet Link 59065-1-V-01-A Product Page
59085-040 SENSOR VANE SPST/NC 12"LEADS 10W 59085-040 Datasheet Link 59085-040 Product Page
59145-020 SENSOR MAG SPST/NO FLANGE 300V 59145-020 Datasheet Link 59145-020 Product Page
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Reed Switches

Reed Switch Image

Littelfuse offers the widest selection of magnetically operated reed switches. Reed switches are available in bare glass or overmolded packages with a variety of mechanical, electrical, and magnetic characteristics. Options for customization, such as lead cutting and forming, are available.

Magnetic, Reed Switches
Part Number Description Datasheet  
MDSM-4R-12-18 SWITCH REED SPST-NO 350MA 140V MDSM-4R-12-18 Datasheet Link MDSM-4R-12-18 Product Page
MDSR-4-12-23 SWITCH REED SPST-NO 500MA 200V MDSR-4-12-23 Datasheet Link MDSR-4-12-23 Product Page
MITI-3V1-6-12.5 SWITCH REED SPST-NO 250MA 170V MITI-3V1-6-12.5Datasheet Link MITI-3V1-6-12.5 Product Page
HA15-2-17-23 SWITCH REED SPST-NO 300MA 265V HA15-2-17-23 Datasheet Link HA15-2-17-23 Product Page
MDSM-DTR-20-25 SWITCH REED SPDT 180MA 120V MDSM-DTR-20-25 Datasheet Link MDSM-DTR-20-25 Product Page
HA15-2-22-28 SWITCH REED SPST-NO 350MA 265V HA15-2-22-28 Datasheet Link HA15-2-22-28 Product Page
MARR-5-22-33 SWITCH REED SPST-NO 350MA 700V MARR-5-22-33 Datasheet Link MARR-5-22-33 Product Page
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Reed Relays

Reed Relays ImageA reed relay combines a reed switch with a coil into one package to serve as a smaller, more power efficient alternative to other types of relays. These relays are well suited for use in automated test equipment, security, medical, and process control equipment. Options for customization are available.

Signal Relays, Up to 2 Amps
Part Number Description Datasheet  
HE3321C0500 RELAY REED SPDT 250MA 5V HE3321C0500 Datasheet Link HE3321C0500 Product Page
HE3621A0500 RELAY REED SPST 500MA 5V HE3621A0500Datasheet Link HE3621A0500 Product Page
HE3621A1200 RELAY REED SPST 500MA 12V HE3621A1200 Datasheet Link HE3621A1200 Product Page
HE721A0510 RELAY REED SPST 500MA 5V HE721A0510 Datasheet Link HE721A0510 Product Page
HE721C1200 RELAY REED SPDT 250MA 12V HE721C1200 Datasheet Link HE721C1200 Product Page
HE722A0530 RELAY REED DPST 500MA 5V HE722A0530 Datasheet Link HE722A0530 Product Page
HE751A2400 RELAY REED SPST 500MA 24V HE751A2400 Datasheet Link HE751A2400 Product Page
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Hall Effect Sensors

Hall Effect Sensors ImageTake advantage of solid-state magnetic sensing technology with Littelfuse Hall Effect sensors. Our selection of Hall Effect products includes digital, analog, and rotary/angle sensors suitable for a wide variety of applications, including speed and direction sensing. Options for customization are available.

Magnetic, Hall Effect Sensors
Part Number Description Datasheet  
55075-00-02-A SENSOR HALL EFFECT M12 W/LEADS 55075-00-02-A Datasheet Link 55075-00-02-A Product Page
55085-3M-00-0 SENSOR HALL EFFECT VANE PC MNT 55085-3M-00-0 Datasheet Link 55085-3M-00-0 Product Page
55100-3H-02-D SENSOR HALL EFFECT MINI PNL MNT 55100-3H-02-D Datasheet Link 55100-3H-02-D Product Page
55100-3M-02-A SENSOR HALL EFFECT PNL MNT WIRES 55100-3M-02-A Datasheet Link 55100-3M-02-A Product Page
55110-3H-02-A SENSOR HALL EFFECT W/LED PNL MNT 55110-3H-02-A Datasheet Link 55110-3H-02-A Product Page
55140-2M-02-A SENSOR HALL EFFECT LATCH 2-PIN 55140-2M-02-A Datasheet Link 55140-2M-02-A Product Page
55310-00-02-A SENSOR HALL FLAT PK DIGITAL 55310-00-02-A Datasheet Link 55310-00-02-A Product Page
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Position Sensors - Angle, Linear Position Measuring
Part Number Description Datasheet  
55200-00-02-A SENSOR HALL ABSOLUTE POS ROTATE 55200-00-02-A Datasheet Link 55200-00-02-A Product Page
55200-00-02-C SENSOR HALL ABSOLUTE POS ROTATE 55200-00-02-C Datasheet Link 55200-00-02-C Product Page
55250-00-00-0 SENSOR HALL EFFECT ROTARY 55250-00-00-0 Datasheet Link 55250-00-00-0 Product Page
55300-00-02-A SENSOR HALL FLAT PK ROTARY 55300-00-02-A Datasheet Link 55300-00-02-A Product Page
55300-00-02-C SENSOR HALL FLAT PK ROTARY 55300-00-02-C Datasheet Link 55300-00-02-C Product Page
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Flow Sensors
Part Number Description Datasheet  
59500-1-A-00-0 SENSOR TURBINE LOW FLOW TYPE - 59500-1-A-00-0 Product Page
59500-1-B-00-0 SENSOR TURBINE LOW FLOW TYPE - 59500-1-B-00-0 Product Page
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Float, Level Sensors
Part Number Description Datasheet  
59630-1-T-01-A REED SENSOR W/INTEGRAL FLOAT 59630-1-T-01-A Datasheet Link 59630-1-T-01-A Product Page
59630-1-T-05-F REED SENSOR W/INTEGRAL FLOAT 59630-1-T-05-F Datasheet Link 59630-1-T-05-F Product Page
59630-2-T-01-F REED SENSOR W/INTEGRAL FLOAT 59630-2-T-01-F Datasheet Link 59630-2-T-01-F Product Page
59630-2-T-04-A REED SENSOR W/INTEGRAL FLOAT 59630-2-T-04-A Datasheet Link 59630-2-T-04-A Product Page
59630-3-T-02-C REED SENSOR W/INTEGRAL FLOAT 59630-3-T-02-C Datasheet Link 59630-3-T-02-C Product Page
59630-3-T-05-D REED SENSOR W/INTEGRAL FLOAT 59630-3-T-05-D Datasheet Link 59630-3-T-05-D Product Page
59630-4-T-03-E REED SENSOR W/INTEGRAL FLOAT 59630-4-T-03-E Datasheet Link 59630-4-T-03-E Product Page
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Magnetic Actuators

Magnetic Actuators ImageA wide assortment of bare and packaged magnets are available for use in many sensing applications. Magnets and packaged actuators are available in several sizes and shapes with differing grades of materials.

Part Number Description Datasheet  
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Technical Resources

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Littelfuse pairs proprietary sensors with circuit protection products for value-added system solutions.

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This article will consider the top four factors, including the introduction of microprocessor control system in appliance designs, along with highlighting examples of noncontact (touchless) sensing technologies and their impact on home appliance designs.

Electric/Magnetic Find Your Fit: Custom Magnetic Sensor Selection and Design Guide, Part I

This article will discuss four key parameters that design engineers should consider when specifying a custom sensor: environmental, mechanical, electrical, and magnetic. These guidelines are especially useful since they can be applied to any magnetic sensing application involving reed switches or Hall Effector sensors.

Hall Effect Find Your Fit: Custom Magnetic Sensor Selection and Design Guide, Part II

Part II will explain how to select magnetic sensing technologies for digital and analog applications. Define and describe the benefits of reed and Hall Effect sensors while providing examples of microprocessor-controlled applications that utilized these sensors. Article concludes with details of a custom magnetic sensing solution for a high-precision outdoor application.

Using linear and rotary Hall-effect and reed sensors

Analog and digital sensors are accurate and reliable over the long term. Here we explain how to choose them for industrial automation and motion control applications.

Finding the Right Custom Magnetic Sensor For Your Application

This article will review the differences in output signal characteristics of reed switches and the various Hall Effect sensors output option available to the design engineers. Engineers will also learn how to select the best sensor for their application.

Application Note: Position and Level Sensing in Refrigerators and Freezers

Appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers traditionally consume significant amounts of energy, thus not being very environmental-friendly. Like many modern appliances, refrigerator and freezer microprocessor based controllers allow the use of a variety of sensors to ensure proper, safe, and energy-efficient operation.

Application Note: Sensing in Oven/Stoves and Range Hood

Like many modern appliances, gas and electric ranges are usually equipped with microprocessor controls. A range uses sensors to ensure proper, safe, and energy-efficient operation and reliability, suggested products in document.

Application Note: Magnetic Sensing in Washing Machines

Like many modern appliances, washing machines today use a variety of sensors to ensure proper, safe, and energy-efficient operation. Littelfuse magnetic sensors products are illustrated in this application note.

Application Note: Rice Cooker Lid Lock With Position-Sensing Reed Switches

Electric rice cookers are popular appliances that are used for cooking. Because this is a pressure cooker it relies on a properly sealed compartment that maintains a high pressure; pressure built up within the cooker if the lid is not properly locked could blow open. By using reed sensors and switches the lid can be detected to assure it is in the properly closed position before the rice cooker can be started. This application note has suggestions of components that can be used.

Application Note: Flow Sensing in Tankless Water Heaters

Reed switches and sensors are highly effective solutions for flow and sensing applications that can be used for detecting the presence of fluid flow in a system or even measure the rate of fluid flow. This application note provides suggested sensors and reed switches.

Custom Magnetic Sensor Selection Guide for White Goods Applications

Article will discuss how to select digital and analog sensors for appliance designs that utilized magnetic sensing technology. In addition to defining and describing the benefits of Hall Effect sensors and reed switches, it will provide examples of appliance designs that incorporate these sensors.

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