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VCB/VCF Series Brick DC/DC Converters - Mornsun
VCB/VCF Series Brick DC/DC Converters

Mornsun’s isolated VCB/VCF series converters in 1/4 brick, 1/8 brick, and 1/16 brick packages are excellent for applications requiring a wide input range.

Image of Eaton-Bussmann UL Class CC 600 VAC / 300 VDC Branch Circuit Fuses
Low-Peak™ and LIMITRON™ UL Class CC Branch Circuit Fuses

Eaton-Bussmann’s branch circuit fuses are available in a wide variety of Class CC fuseholders and blocks to provide ease for fuse replacement and installation.

Image of Eaton-Bussmann UL® Class CF Branch Circuit Time-Delay Solution - CUBEFuse™
UL® Class CF Branch Circuit Time-Delay Solution - CUBEFuse™

Eaton-Bussmann’s CUBEFuse is a UL Class CF current-limiting, dual-element, time-delay branch circuit fuse with Class J electrical performance.

Image of 3M Filtrete™ Air Filters - HVAC
Filtrete™ Air Filters - HVAC

3M’s Filtrete air filters come in traditional and smart filter varieties and meet MPR and MERV ratings for cleaner air.

Image of Excelitas' CaliPile TPiS 1T 1386 L5.5 Thermopile Sensor
High-Accuracy, Narrow FoV CaliPile™ TPiS 1T 1386 L5.5 Thermopile Sensor

Excelitas’ CaliPile™ TPiS 1T 1386 L5.5 thermopile sensor is a highly sensitive thermopile with a 5° field-of-view.

Image of Adafruit's Cloud-Based Air Quality Sensing
Cloud-Based Air Quality Sensing

Adafruit's cloud-based air quality sensing solution monitors and communicates CO2, humidity, and temperature ranges.

Image of Power Integrations' InnoSwitch3-EP Flyback Switcher

Power Integrations' InnoSwitch3-EP incorporates a high-voltage power switch, primary and secondary controllers, and safety-rated feedback into a single IC.

Image of Transphorm's TP65H035G4WS SuperGaN® 35mΩ GaN FET
TP65H035G4WS SuperGaN® 35mΩ GaN FET

Transphorm’s SuperGaN® FET offers high reliability, high efficiency, and high voltage power conversion in an easy-to-drive JEDEC-qualified device.

Image of PulseLarsen Antennas' 5G/4G Radome Omni Dipole Outdoor Antenna - RO600/71NFKIT
5G/4G Radome Omni Dipole Outdoor Antenna - RO600/71NFKIT

PulseLarsen Antennas’ RO600/71NFKIT 5G/4G Radome Omni (RO) dipole outdoor antenna is designed specifically for 5G FR1, Wi-Fi 6E, and CBRS networks.

Image of Panasonic’s PAN9520 Series RF Modules
PAN9520 Series RF Modules

Panasonic’s PAN9520 series embedded Wi-Fi® RF module is based on Espressif ESP32-S2, including the powerful Xtensa® 32-bit LX7 CPU.

Advantech Industrial Automation tools
Industrial Automation

Advantech’s digital manufacturing transformation offers the ability to connect & extract data from legacy systems and compute for intelligent operations management. Learn more at Digi-Key!

Image of ams Osram's Premium 2835 Portfolio
Premium 2835 Portfolio LED Lighting

ams OSRAM's 2835 LED platform features the lifetime, robustness, performance, and reliability comparable to the 3030 series with system-level cost advantages.

Image of Yageo 01005 Miniature MLCCs
01005 Miniature MLCCs

YAGEO's 01005 miniature MLCCs are ideal components for devices with space limitations.

Image of Klein Tools' 27-in-1 Multi-Bit Precision Screwdrivers
27-in-1 Multi-Bit Precision Screwdrivers

Klein Tools’ multi-bit precision screwdrivers offer an integrated 3.5 mm nut driver with 26 specialty bits conveniently stored in the handle.

Image of u-blox's NORA-W2 Module
Secure AWS Cloud Connectivity for Industrial and Consumer Applications

This multiradio module includes embedded AWS IoT ExpressLink-compliant software with secured certificates, providing “out of the box” connectivity with Amazon Web Services.