MAXREFDES100#: Health Sensor Platform


Designing a custom wearable product can be complex. The MAXREFDES100 Health Sensor (hSensor) Platform eliminates the extra time it typically takes to develop a prototype, so you can quickly evaluate and validate the right solution for your health sensor application.

The platform supports the measurement of motion, precision skin temperature, bio-potential measurements (including ECG, EMG, and EEG) and reflective PPG (including pulse oximetry and heart-rate). MAXREFDES100 includes an hSensor board, complete firmware with drivers, a debugger board, and a graphical user interface (GUI). It is ideal for development of high-end health, wellness, and fitness applications, such as chest straps, ECG patches, wrist-worn devices, thermometers, disposable temperature patches, blood oxygen measurement, smart weigh scales, and bio authentication. The entire platform is optimized to maximize battery life in a tiny 7.75cm2 footprint, ideal for the latest wearable applications.

The platform supports GUI applications on Windows®-based PCs and Android®-based devices for simple data collection and visualization. Both direct USB connection (through a USB type C connector) and Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) radio are supported for configuration and data collections.

A direct-to-flash memory mode is supported for data collection. Flash memory read using a USB connection is also implemented.

The microcontroller of the platform is programmed with firmware that manages the system, controls the registers of all the devices on the platform, and communicates with the PC GUI. For users who want to customize the firmware for the microcontroller, refer to the firmware development guide for details: mbed (referenced as MAX32620HSP).

The following items are included in the reference design box:

  • MAXREFDES100# board: the health-sensor board

  • MAXREFDES100HDK# board: the development board for the MAXREFDES100# sensor board

  • Battery holder: for the installation of CR2032-type coin-cell battery if a USB cable is not used

  • Two ECG cables: users can solder these two ECG cables to the board for ECG measurements

  • USB type-C cable: for the connection between a PC and the MAXREFDES100# board

  • Micro-USB cable: for the connection between a PC and the MAXREFDES100HDK# board

The following use cases can be evaluated using this platform:

1. Fitness Applications

  • Chest-based applications

  • Chest straps with HR

  • Chest straps with HR & ECG

  • Wrist-based applications

  • Smart watches with Optical HR

  • Ear-based applications

  • Headphones with Optical HR

2. Clinical applications

  • Chest-based applications

  • 1 lead-ECG patch for Arrhythmia detection (ECG & HR only)

  • Skin temperature measurements

  • Finger-based applications

  • Optical SpO2 measurement: Ear-based applications

  • Optical HR & SpO2: Head-based applications

  • Optical HR & SpO2: Arm-based applications

  • Arm bands with ECG

As with all Maxim reference designs, the bill of materials (BOM), schematics, layout files, Gerber files, firmware, and software are all available.


Manufacturer Maxim Integrated
Category Sensor Solutions
Sub-Category Other Sensing Solutions
Eval Board Part Number MAXREFDES100#-ND
Eval Board Supplier Maxim Integrated
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Purpose Accelerometer & Gyroscope
Accelerometer, 3 Axis
Barometric Pressure
Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate
Temp Sensor Interface
Range - Not Given
Sensing Method Accelerometer
Voltage In 3 V
Features BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy
UART Interface
USB Type C
Design Author Maxim Integrated Products
Component Count + Extras 140 + 0
Main I.C. Base Part MAX30003
Date Created By Author 2016-06
Date Added To Library 2019-08

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