Digi-Key presents: Future Factories

Digi-Key presents a three-part series highlighting the latest innovations in robotics, automation, connectivity, and cutting-edge technologies in the world of manufacturing. Join us as we explore how factories are becoming smarter and more complex to meet the rising demands of an ever-evolving world.

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Digi-Key Presents:

Episode 1 :
Manufacturing at The Edge

In our first episode, we look at the rise of edge computing, which is bringing complex technologies like machine learning to the point of data capture, enabling faster and more responsive reactions to the data generated by sensors across the factory floor.

Digi-Key Presents:

Episode 2 :
The Rise of Robotics

In the second episode, we chronicle the rise of robotics in the manufacturing industry, and how new designs collaborate alongside human workers on the factory floor to create new, high-quality job opportunities across the industry.

Digi-Key Presents:

Episode 3 :
The Intersection of AI and IoT

In this episode of Factory Tomorrow, we look at how artificial intelligence applications can unlock the true potential of IoT and edge applications across manufacturing. Find out how real-time analytics, connected sensors, predictive maintenance, supply chain automation, and other process advancements are propelling the manufacturing industry forward into a new era.

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