EN50155 Railway Standards


This presentation will explain how equipment power supplies on rolling stock is governed by the EN50155 standard and the performance requirements for DC/DC railway converters.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable QuantityView Details
RP20-4812SFR/P datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 20W 18-75VIN 12VOUT 2RP20-4812SFR/PCONV DC/DC 20W 18-75VIN 12VOUT 2Isolated Module18 - Immediate
9 - Factory Stock
RP20-4812SFR/P product page link
RP20-2412SFR/P datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 20W 9-36VIN 12VOUT 2"RP20-2412SFR/PCONV DC/DC 20W 9-36VIN 12VOUT 2"Isolated Module7 - Immediate
9 - Factory Stock
RP20-2412SFR/P product page link
RP20-11012SFR/P datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 20W 43-160VIN 12VOUTRP20-11012SFR/PCONV DC/DC 20W 43-160VIN 12VOUTIsolated Module9 - Immediate
RP20-11012SFR/P product page link
RP20-11012DFR/P datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 20W 43-160VIN +/-12VORP20-11012DFR/PCONV DC/DC 20W 43-160VIN +/-12VOIsolated Module9 - Immediate
9 - Factory Stock
RP20-11012DFR/P product page link
RP40-2412SFR/P datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 12V 40WRP40-2412SFR/PDC DC CONVERTER 12V 40WIsolated Module23 - Immediate
9 - Factory Stock
RP40-2412SFR/P product page link
RP40-4812SFR/P datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 12V 40WRP40-4812SFR/PDC DC CONVERTER 12V 40WIsolated Module9 - Immediate
RP40-4812SFR/P product page link
RP40-11012SFR/P datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 12V 40WRP40-11012SFR/PDC DC CONVERTER 12V 40WIsolated Module3 - Immediate
RP40-11012SFR/P product page link
RP40-11024SFR/P datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 24V 40WRP40-11024SFR/PDC DC CONVERTER 24V 40WIsolated Module2 - Immediate
RP40-11024SFR/P product page link
RP40-11012DFR/P datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 40WRP40-11012DFR/PDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 40WIsolated Module9 - Immediate
RP40-11012DFR/P product page link
PTM Published on: 2017-04-11