Image of RECOM DIN-RAIL Mounted Power Supplies

DIN-RAIL Mounted Power Supplies


The purpose of this PTM is to explain RECOM's portfolio of DIN-RAIL Mounted Power Supplies and to discuss the many features.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of OutputsAvailable QuantityView Details
REDIN45-12 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 45WREDIN45-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 45WEnclosed140 - Immediate
REDIN45-12 product page link
REDIN45-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 45WREDIN45-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 45WEnclosed123 - Immediate
1000 - Factory Stock
REDIN45-24 product page link
REDIN60-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 60WREDIN60-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 60WEnclosed121 - Immediate
865 - Factory Stock
REDIN60-24 product page link
REDIN60-12 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 60WREDIN60-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 60WEnclosed147 - Immediate
780 - Factory Stock
REDIN60-12 product page link
REDIN120-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WREDIN120-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WEnclosed120 - Immediate
38 - Factory Stock
REDIN120-24 product page link
REDIN120-48 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120WREDIN120-48AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120WEnclosed111 - Immediate
28 - Factory Stock
REDIN120-48 product page link
REDIN240-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WREDIN240-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WEnclosed110 - Immediate
33 - Factory Stock
REDIN240-24 product page link
REDIN240-48 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120WREDIN240-48AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120WEnclosed18 - Immediate
65 - Factory Stock
REDIN240-48 product page link
REDIN480-48 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 480WREDIN480-48AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 480WEnclosed17 - Immediate
8 - Factory Stock
REDIN480-48 product page link
REDIN480-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 480WREDIN480-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 480WEnclosed124 - Factory StockREDIN480-24 product page link
REDIN120-12 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120WREDIN120-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120WEnclosed14 - Immediate
51 - Factory Stock
REDIN120-12 product page link
PTM Published on: 2017-05-23