CR Family of Low-Power DC-DC Converters

Murata Power Solutions offers the CR family of unregulated, UL60950-recognized DC-DC converters in SIP, DIP, or SMD packages

Image of Murata Power Solutions' CR Family of Low Power DC-DC ConvertersMurata Power’s proven ability to blend circuit topologies and high-performance components in rugged packages has led to a family of low-power DC-DC converters. Featuring the cost effective CRE1, CRE2, CRR1, CRV1, and CRV2 family of industrial temperature range DC-DC converters, Murata Power can offer a comprehensive range of input and output voltage combinations in popular packages. The varied options in foot print and packaging provide solutions for a wide range of low power applications making the CR family DC-DC converters ideal for on-board distributed power systems requirements.

The CR family is available in a range of industry standard SIP, DIP, and SMD packages with guaranteed start-up from -40°C and full 1 W output at +85°C. The CR’s family galvanic isolation can provide immunity to noise transients, and can also provide step-up output voltages, for example, an input voltage of 3.3 V to an output voltage of 5 V. The galvanic isolation allows the DC-DC converters to be configured to provide an isolated negative rail in systems where only positive rails exist, thus adding to the flexibility of the CR family of DC-DC converters.

  • UL60950 recognized 
  • Single and dual outputs available 
  • Industry-standard pinouts
  • Guaranteed start-up from -40°C
  • Full 1 W output at +85°C
  • 1 kVDC and 3 kVDC isolation test voltage options
  • Fully encapsulated for harsh environments 
  • Input voltages 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V, and 24 V
  • Output voltages 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, and ±12 V
  • Industrial controls
  • Instrumentation
  • Communication interface isolation 
  • Distributed power systems

CR Family of Low-Power DC-DC Converters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of OutputsVoltage - Input (Min)Voltage - Input (Max)Available QuantityView Details
CRE1S0505S3C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505S3CDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V2294 - Immediate
CRE1S0505S3C product page link
CRE1S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V565 - Immediate
CRE1S0505SC product page link
CRE1S0505MC-R datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505MC-RDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V614 - Immediate
CRE1S0505MC-R product page link
CRR1S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRR1S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V343 - Immediate
CRR1S0505SC product page link
CRE1S0305S3C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0305S3CDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W12.97V3.63V544 - Immediate
CRE1S0305S3C product page link
CRE1S0515SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 15V 1WCRE1S0515SCDC DC CONVERTER 15V 1W14.5V5.5V578 - Immediate
CRE1S0515SC product page link
CRL2S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2WCRL2S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2W14.5V5.5V1198 - Immediate
CRL2S0505SC product page link
CRE1S1205SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S1205SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W110.8V13.2V446 - Immediate
CRE1S1205SC product page link
CRE1S0505DC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505DCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V652 - Immediate
CRE1S0505DC product page link
CRE1S2412SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 12V 1WCRE1S2412SCDC DC CONVERTER 12V 1W121.6V26.4V237 - Immediate
CRE1S2412SC product page link
CRV1D1212SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1WCRV1D1212SCDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1W210.8V13.2V224 - Immediate
CRV1D1212SC product page link
CRL2S1205SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2WCRL2S1205SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2W110.8V13.2V114 - Immediate
CRL2S1205SC product page link
CRV2S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2WCRV2S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2W14.5V5.5V775 - Immediate
CRV2S0505SC product page link
CRE1S0505MEC-R datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505MEC-RDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V115 - Immediate
CRE1S0505MEC-R product page link
CRE1S2405SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S2405SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W121.6V26.4V39 - Immediate
CRE1S2405SC product page link
CRV1S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRV1S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V88 - Immediate
CRV1S0505SC product page link
CRE1S1212SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 12V 1WCRE1S1212SCDC DC CONVERTER 12V 1W110.8V13.2V51 - Immediate
CRE1S1212SC product page link
CRV1S1215SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 15V 1WCRV1S1215SCDC DC CONVERTER 15V 1W110.8V13.2V52 - Immediate
CRV1S1215SC product page link
CRV1D0512SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1WCRV1D0512SCDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1W24.5V5.5V0CRV1D0512SC product page link
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Published: 2017-06-05