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No matter where you are in the design cycle, Digi-Key has the right tool to help you meet your design challenges head-on. From the industry’s most flexible online diagramming tool that enables true back-of-the-napkin to bill of materials (BON to BOM) functionality, through analog/power simulation, all the way to the most robust professional full PCB schematic capture and layout functionality, Digi-Key’s unparalleled design tool solutions are ready to help bring your designs to fruition quicker and easier than ever before. Each tool is uniquely paired with access to Digi-Key’s inventory of the world’s largest selection of electronic components and we are committed to offering you the strongest EDA tool portfolio to help you take your designs to the next level.

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Ultra Librarian Screen  

Ultra Librarian – EDA/CAD Model Libraries Made Easy.

Automated and manual footprint, symbol, and 3D model creation with access to database of pre-built library parts that export to most CAD formats.

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Scheme-it – Schematic Drawing and Block Diagramming Made Easy.

Scheme-it is an online schematic and block diagramming tool for designing and sharing electronic circuit diagrams. Design at the schematic, block, or board level.

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PartSim Screen  

PartSim – Circuit Simulation Made Easy.

PartSim is a free and easy to use circuit simulator that runs in your web browser.

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PCBWeb – Hardware Design Made Easy.

PCBWeb is a free CAD application for designing and manufacturing electronics hardware.

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Quadcept Screen  

Quadcept – Revolutionary CAD System.

Quadcept offers free and paid CAD applications for schematic capture and PCB layout with powerful routing feature.

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  • Industry proven, professional grade, low-cost tools to produce PCB designs
  • Out of the box, easy-to-use
  • Over 300,000+ footprints and symbols available
  • Supported by robust on-line resources
  • Fast start, popular reference designs
  • Web enabled part search and symbol/footprint download via PartQuest.com
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